Martian Manhunter Super Powers Maquette

  • The all-powerful Martian Manhunter!
  • Amazingly detailed polystone statue.
  • J'onn J'onzz stands 18-inches tall on a Mars-themed base!
  • From the talented minds and hands of Paul Harding and Jason Wires.
Making his way into the DC Super Powers line of amazingly detailed statues from different eras of DC Comics and DC Entertainment, comes none other than J'onn J'onzz, aka The Martian Manhunter! One of the initial members of the Justice League of America, the all-powerful Martian Manhunter in his classic outfit stands about 18-inches tall on a Mars-themed base. Designed and sculpted by Paul Harding, with the prints, casting, and paint master by Jason Wires, the polystone DC Super Powers Martian Manhunter Maquette Statue comes in a full-color closed box.



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