Iron Giant Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles

ITEM CONDITION | Brand New / Opened For Inspection


“Souls don’t die.” 

Depending on the age at which you first experienced the movie The Iron Giant, you might take away different things from it. Some of us wrestle with what it is to have a soul. Others begin to take into account what it is to try to understand someone different. Yet others are confronted with the idea of what it means to choose their own path. 

The movie itself speaks volumes, and the artists at Sideshow have lovingly recreated the titular character with our own Iron Giant Maquette. 

Standing an impressive 25.5” tall and forged out of distilled memories and nostalgia, the Iron Giant Maquette features a head with slight articulation and light up eyes. The Sideshow Exclusive version will also feature a magnetic “S” that can be affixed to his chest. 

Welcome this piece into your collection and let him stand guard against fear and misunderstanding. 


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