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Phoenix: Jean Grey 1:4 Scale Premium Format Statue EXCLUSIVE by Sideshow Collectibles

"The Phoenix is equal parts good and evil, pleasure and pain. Both sides, the whole coin."

Rise from the flames! Sideshow is proud to present the Phoenix: Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure.

Measuring 22" tall, Jean Grey hovers gracefully over a clear flame base and a blazing manifestation of the birdlike entity known as the Phoenix. She is clad in her sculpted green and gold costume, detailed with the Phoenix symbol on her chest and her sash as well as sculpted gloves and boots.

Jean Grey's unlimited potential makes her a powerful force within the X-Men. Her face is framed by flowing, sculpted hair, which captures the dual calm and the chaos of her immense mutant strength. She also has white eyes on her portrait, showing her abilities in action.

Become the next host for the fiery Phoenix: Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure and bring her mutant power to your Marvel collection!


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