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HX PROJECT: Avengers Assemble HULK 1/6 Scale Statue

HX PROJECT in collaboration with XM-Studios and Hand Made Objects ( H.M.O.) is proud to present, The Incredible HULK. The HULK is shown in his ready pose, ready to take on anyone that has the courage to face him. Hulk is sculpted in a stylistic manner emphasising his personality and hi characteristics perfectly. His muscles are shown in the right proportions within the style. HULKS raw power is felt and seen through his unmovable stance and the sheer force of his step, shatters the very ground he stands in. HULK’s rampage can be seen through your eyes using HX Project’s very own augmented reality application, the first of its kind. Are you ready to take on the HULK?

When Dr. Bruce Banner bravely rescued a teenager from a bomb test, a massive dose of gamma radiation transformed the scientist’s DNA. If Bruce loses his temper, the hidden adrenaline-fed hero in his genes awakens! Relentlessly pursued by those who want to use his strength for evil, Bruce must protect the innocent by transforming into the strongest hero there is – HULK!

The Hulk Avengers Assemble features:

  • Approximately 35cm tall
  • Displays with Counterpart
  • Crafted from cold-cast porcelain
  • Augmented Reality showing off HULKS RAMPAGE
  • Limited edition: 400pcs


  • Sculpt: Marthin Agusta /Mufizal
  • Concept/Illustration: Soefara Jafney
  • HMO Design and Development Team
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team

Manufactured by:

  • HX-Project

Product size:

  • Est. Box Size : 51,8cm H X 48,8cm L X 34,1cm B
  • Est. Product Weight : 7.4 kg
  • Est. shipping weight : 11.7 kg



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