Berserk HQS+ Guts & Griffith Vs. Zodd Statue

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Australia & New Zealand $500
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Tsume is proud to present its own interpretation of the legendary Dark Fantasy saga: Berserk, by Miura Kentaro!

Through this gigantic 88cm-long creation, relive the most impressive scene of the Golden Age: Guts and Griffith’s battle against Immortal Zodd assuming his final form. This one-of-a-kind diorama places them back in Doldrey’s citadel’s underground… with the flaming torches hanged on the columns and blood-tainted paving where dead bodies are discarded. In the middle of this slaughter, stands Zodd with a wry smile: massive, all horns out and teeth bared. Although he’s kneeling, he still towers over everyone the room!

Cornered, the two mightiest warriors of the Band of the Hawk launch a counterattack and attack the apostle. Griffith has just sliced his left arm and Guts is wielding his zweihänder to slash his right thigh.

Product Features

  • 27.55 inches (70cm) tall
  • 31.50 inches (80cm) wid
  • Limited edition of 666
  • Sculpted with amazing detail true to the anime
  • Background offers various points of interests
  • LED in torches and Zodd's eyes 

Box Contents

  • Guts & Griffith Vs. Zodd statue
  • Guts alternate head
  • Griffith alternate head


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