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Bounties Of Bathos: Crow King 1/4 Statue



The Story of Crow King takes place after his last known appearance, With Dr. Zero, Crow king created the First, Mech suits on Bathos. To Rebel against the Zectus warlords, Before the great war on the post-apocalyptic planet commenced. Crow Discovered “Portals deep within the Thagotian Sea and has escaped Bathos and lives on an unknown planet but keeps a watchful eye over Bathos. With his Knights rummaging through different planets in search of two ancient artifacts. Crow King has shifted his attention to a certain hunter on Bathos. Could the “Watchers” prophecy be accurate or will Crow King prove them wrong?
Only Time. knows the answer……


License: HMO Original Series
License Regions: Worldwide
Shipping Date: Shipped
Scale: 1/4 Scale Poly-Resin Statue
Edition Size: 175
Manufacturer: Hand Made Object Limited
Product Height: 71.2 cm
Product Shipping Size: 79m x 78.5m x 53m
Product Shipping Weight: 24.5kg
Special Features and Materials: Crafted from cold-cast porcelain
  Hand Crafted to Perfection


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