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Bounties Of Bathos: REN 1/4 Scale Statue


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A ruthless desert Hunter, Incredibly strong with enhanced M.E.C.H. Armor. HMO is proud to present the first character in the line of Bounties of Bathos. “The White Witch” REN. Sculpted in glorious details with the latest in manufacturing techniques. Ren is depicted in the final pose after sniping down drones from the sky that would have revealed her location. Armed with her rifle, Ren is donning her signature armour that was crafted by the legendary Dr. Zero. Her Bio-mechanical suit enhances all her senses and boosts her speed and power, enabling her to be one of the deadliest hunters on Bathos.

Standing 18 inches tall, Ren comes with 2 optional heads. 1 head shows off the deadly beauty of Ren and the other shows her in her hunter mode with her signature helmet. Not sparing any cost. We have re-created Ren with every intricate detail imaginable by the artist. With a specialised paint application technique, Every bit of mechanised LED and technical parts of her glows under ultraviolet wavelength light.

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