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Conan the Barbarian Thulsa Doom

“That is strength, boy! That is power! What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?”

The 1982 film, Conan the Barbarian, Conan pledges his life to seek revenge against Thulsa Doom, the Stygian antagonist that murdered his family. Thulsa is the leader of a snake cult that conducted a series of raids on villages and towns to rise to power, as seen in the prologue of the film. He is not only menacing and threatening, but also a wizard, able to control minds and transfigure physical forms. Due to this power, no one is brave enough to challenge him - until Conan.

Thulsa first takes notice of Conan's revenge mission when he breaks into the Tower of the Serpent, taking the Eye of the Serpent and killing Thulsa's giant pet snake. In retaliation, Thulsa sends his lieutenant to threaten King Osric and kidnap his daughter to claim as his slave. Understanding that his mission caused this abduction, Conan attempts to invade the Mountain of Power temple to rescue her. Thulsa captures Conan and orders him to be crucified on the Tree of Woe, only to find he has severely underestimated his opponent. 

  • Officially licensed Conan the Barbarian collectible
  • Includes the Father Sword
  • Helmet is not removable for licensing reasons
  • Stands 27" tall with a 20" by 20" base footprint
  • Mixed media - made of polyresin and a faux fur cape
  • 1:4 scale statue
  • Weighs roughly 30 pounds
  • Limited Edition of 100 units


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