Fantasy Figure Gallery: HAJIME SORAYAMA LADY NINJA 1/4 Scale Statue



Would you dare approach this scantily laden warrior? As you stare at this beauty, you will not be capable of taking your eyes off of her! But alas, she is Lady Ninja and if you stare too long your mind and heart will be penetrated by her lustful appearance and Ninjato sword. Hajime Sorayama's Lady Ninja makes her way to the Fantasy Figure Gallery. Combining Sorayama's erotic and fetish styles, this dominating 1:4 scale resin statue stands roughly 17 1/2-inches tall, including the authentic Japanese Tatami floor-style base. Limited to just 500 pieces the Fantasy Figure Gallery Hajime Sorayama Lady Ninja 1:4 Scale Resin Statue comes with an art card, certificate of authenticity, and serial numbered nameplate.