Fantasy Figure Gallery SPACE HOST GIRL KEIRA 1/6 Scale Statue RED ARM VARIANT

Limited Edition


NOTE - There may be some discrepancy over the red color of the arm, which appears to be a solid maroon color rather than the clear red shown in the images. We have contacted the vendor and will update our information when we get further information.

"Through the miracle of science the astronaut  Keira’s life is saved by her host, a benevolent yet powerful alien Priest and warrior known only as The Patriarch who has lost most of his limbs in trying to save Keira’s life,he becomes her left arm of justice”.

In an effort to save both his race and what is left of humanity, and in order for both woman and creature to survive...he latches onto her arm...and infuses her with the power of the EON-ACUMEN , an energy that is composed of micro intelligences ...it is said that intelligence permeates every single particle of matter in the universe...and only the Patriarchs have come to the knowledge of handling these intelligences in order to create everything around us, this is how they have achieved their grand status if architects of the Cosmos.
Countless worlds, and galaxies have been created through the power of EON-ACUMEN every being in the Universe, even humans. Now Keira must find her path to becoming the last hope for all of human kind”

"Taken from the Book of Kolob”