Level 52 Studios

Frazetta Legacy Series Cat Girl 1/4 Scale Statue by Level 52 Studios


Level52 Studios is proud to present Cat Girl, the first offering in the FrazettaTM Legacy Series of limited edition collectible statues. Lovingly crafted to reflect Frank’s personal masterpiece of the same name, the painting’s iconic circular composition takes center stage and frames the subject’s powerful figure. Cat Girl‘s menacing feline companions and uncanny glowing gaze leave the viewer contemplating whether she is friend, or foe.

This exquisitely crafted 1:4 diorama stands tall at 20 inches, features glowing light reactive eyes and an optional faux fur barbarian outfit for modest display. Each statue arrives packaged in a beautiful art box with premium black foam, a print of the painting that inspired the project, and double shipper for extra protection in transit.



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