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Full Metal Ghost SHADOW BLADE Figure by threezero


Limited Edition | Est. Ship Date: 1st Quarter 2016 |Item Status:PRE-ORDER | Choose Your Pre-Order Option From The Drop Down Menu


From Threezero. This fully articulated figure of Shadow Blade stands more than 16 1/2" tall, with incredibly detailed with outer armor covering its inner mechanical frame. Its highly detailed mechanical design features realistic paint application, over 100 fully posable action joints (including articulated fingers), and it comes with detailed clothing parts and bandage options. Weaponry includes a Massive Katana and Tanto (each with scabbard), 2 Spikes Cases, 6 Throwing Spikes, 2 Cyclone Blade Shuriken (foldable spikes) and 2 Kunai Throwers. The extremely detailed, fully articulated, 6" tall Pilot figure features a weathered paint application and can be positioned inside Shadow Blade's cockpit.


Robot Specifications:
- Fully articulated Shadow Blade stands over ~16.5 inches (42cm) tall.
- Incredibly detailed with outer armor covered with inner mechanical frame.
- Highly detailed mechanical design with realistic paint application to highlight all the details.
- Over 100 fully posable action joints.
- Articulated fingers.
- Comes with detailed clothing parts and bandage options for the robot.
- Fully functional hatch with detailed cockpit.
- Light up feature for eyes, shoulders, front chest, upper back & cockpit.
- AG1 batteries x 12 needed for the light-up features. (Batteries not included)
Pilot Figure Specifications:
- Extremely detailed, paint application and weathering on the fully articulated 6" (~15.2 cm) tall pilot.
- Pilot can be positioned inside Shadow Blade's cockpit.
- Detailed outer armor with fabric tight suit underneath.
- Interchangeable with helmet and head.
- 2 pairs of interchangeable hands.
- Weapon: Dual Fighter Blade X 2
- Massive Katana with scabbard
- Tanto with scabbard
- Spikes Cases X 2
- Throwing Spikes X 6
- Cyclone Blade Shuriken (foldable spikes) X 2
- Kunai Throwers X 2
1 piece per case