Queen's Blade Rebellion Statue - Branwen 1/4.5 Scale PVC Statue

It's The Queen's Blade Rebellion Statue - Branwen 1/4.5 Scale PVC Statue.

The captured dragon warrior "Branwen" in the new story of Queen's Blade Rebellion from A+ has come to life in 3D with her sensual and provocative pose!

Branwen is one of the Queen's Army and a Dragon Descendant , one of the most noble and rare beings in the Continent, also known as the Holy Dragon Warriors for serving the dragons in the ancient times. Cool, collected and proud but also gentle in nature, she serves as a mediator for both races (though there are hardly any interaction between the dragons and humans), and is well-known among her people. Captured by the trainer (and master) Dogura,  she has now become a gladiator slave forced to fight against other slaves and monsters in the Swamp Witch's Arena, ordered to fight in exchange for the life of her Dragon Ride, Asshar. Despite being put through numerous death matches, Branwen's pride as a Dragon Descendant will not allow her to die easily. Her power as a Dragon Descendant is immense, and when she cannot suppress her anger any longer, she becomes a malevolent Dragon Warrior, pulverizing every enemy before her. Branwen is named after the Welsh goddess Branwen.


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