HMO Collectibles

Siren 1/2 Scale Bust by HMO ( Hand Made Object )


HMO Collectibles presents, the amazing new addition to the Premium Beastly Beauties line.. Discover the fatal attraction of the Siren in this brand new 1:2 scale bust. Painstakingly designed by a world class team to reach new levels of artistry, Siren deserves a very special place at the heart of your collection.

Based on ancient Greek mythology, the Siren lures sailors to certain death with an irresistible song in the seas. Aqua and teal tones bring this devastating beauty to new heights of production. Clear resin and subtle details in the bust’s execution will set the true collector’s heart thumping. You may choose to gaze upon Siren’s enchanting or be lost in the intricate base for hours.

Now with a very limited edition size of 299 pcs worldwide, Siren is slated for a sellout among rare-statue collectors with HMO’s industry renowned standards of production. There will be none other like her..

Product Height: 410mm


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