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Thanos Triumph Statue


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Toylaxy proudly presents Thanos The Mad Titan in our own Unique Style (more Fun & Aggressive). Even this is 1/10 scale (total 37 cm hight) but this premium statue story telling base is pack with a lot of stunning detail & texture both on the base and Thanos himself. Small skeletons of different species melt by lava then combine into one big skeleton head and at the back you can also see big Alien's spine. Moreover, if you look above, you can see lady death big hand cover all the death that Thanos has created. We also add LED on Infinity Gauntlet to shine your gems.

Space - Friendly Collectibles that you can place on everywhere on the desk or even display them along size 1/4 scale statue.

Price - Friendly Statue for hardcore collector and also newbie.

All carefully Hand Paint and Handcraft with care.